The Cybersecurity World is a worldwide unique place. In this building IT security is made to come alive. It is the home of Europe’s largest Security Operations Center (SOC). Here today’s and tomorrow’s challenges for IT security responsibles in companies as well as the current state of research and innovation in this sector are illustrated on 2,000 sqm.

Specifically designed rooms highlight this subject from various perspectives: This way the visitors of the hackquarter can slip into the role of the hackers. What are their possibilities, the strategies and thoughts? How does the hacker choose its attack targets? In the Safe Room it is presented how companies can detect cyber attacks in real-time and thereby drastically can minimize damages.

Who is one step ahead of whom? The technologies on the one hand and the human intelligence on the other hand determine whether it is the hacker or the attacked company who is more successful. The tools and skills of both parties are the center of attention in the Cybersecurity World.

One-to-one meetings with and lectures by internationally renowned IT security experts are completing this world, in which everything revolves around IT security.